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Why Arabian Mules Are Superior: Style, Grace & Intelligence

Mules from Arabian mares have the distinct advantage of centuries of genetic purity, as well as breeding for performance, style, and beauty. The life of the Arab in the desert, in many instances, depended upon the stamina, athletic ability, and soundness of his mount.

Our observation of the Arabian mule indicates that they are incredibly athletic, quick, agile, and sure in all of their movements. They have good hoof and bone quality, and, in general, appear to be better balanced, end to end, than mules from nondescript females.

Style & Grace

There’s no doubt that the Arabian mule has more style and grace than the average mule. Most have only slightly smaller ears than normal, but the overall size of the head is somewhat smaller, with no Roman-nosed individuals such as you would find in mules with a non-Arabian background. Most even have a faint indication of the Arabian “dish” face, although not at all pronounced.

Gallery of White Horse Arabian Mules

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From the standpoint of temperament, we are extremely pleased with our observations of the Arab cross. With very little training or attention, our mules are curious and affectionate, usually crowding around and vying for attention as we enter the lot at feeding time. However, as with all groups, some are more gentle than others.


It is also believed that the Arabian mule probably has a somewhat higher intelligence level than most. They are always alert, always curious, and always have that “what’re-we-gonna-do-next?” look in their eyes. And that is the most important consideration when selecting a mule for any use or application. In summary, we believe, without a doubt, that as the demand for light-legged mules continues to grow, there will be an increased demand for the Arabian mule, and they will do their job quite well. All these factors make the Arabian mule a superior mule.