White Horse Farms

Sires & Dams

Please be patient, we are in the process of adding photos and bios for all.

Clyde’s Gallant Fox

Champion Mammouth Jack Donkey Clyde's Gallant Fox

Champion Mammouth Jack Donkey Clyde’s Gallant Fox ​


Bella El Shakir

Polish Arabian Mare

White Horse Farms welcomes Bella El Shakir our new polish Huckleberry Bey bred mare! At an easy 14.2 hands Bella will fit beautifully into our breeding program! We rarely find Polish mares that we like well enough to use in our program. Bella is a knockout with a successful show career.


WH Lilibet

Polish Arabian bred filly

White Horse Farms is pleased to announce the acquisition of WH Lilibet to our farm. This Polish bred filly possesses the quality that sets White Horse Arabian bred mules as distinct in the marketplace. She’s from the World class Huckleberry Bey top and bottom and one look at Lilibet and you’ll see her genetics through and through. We couldn’t pass up the chance to include her into our program! 


Blue Willow

Blue Willow Mammoth Donkey Jennet
Our Jennet willow

Blue Willow is one of our beautiful Mammoth Donkey Jennets


Princess Val Shaba

WH Sally Arabian Mule

Princess Val Shaba is a straight egyptian mare that was thoughtfully bred at JEVA Farms LLC using the blood of Ruminaja Ali, Talal, Ansata Shah Zaman, The Egyptian Prince, *Bint Mona, *Jamilll, Moniet El Nefous, Malaka, Ibn Rabdan, Nazeer, Kayed, Talal, Tammen, *Soufian, *Morafic, Balance, Bint El Dahma II, Farida, Alaa El Din, Bukra, and Shaikh Al Badi. She possesses the fine qualities of her dam and sire. We are very privileged to have “Val” at White Horse Farm. 


Mouna Layza

Mouna Layza is our straight Egyptian mare.



Bugs is our beautiful red roan Mammoth Donkey Jennet



Crystal is one of our beautiful Jennets


Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou is one of our beautiful Jennets