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About Our Farm

Due to the wonderful weather we enjoy here in Arkansas, our Arabian horses, Mammoth donkeys and Arabian mules on our farm rarely see the inside of a barn, except for a period of approximately a week immediately following foaling. For this one-week period we keep them in well-bedded, well-ventilated stalls.

Healthy diet essential 

Bales of Hay
Fresh Hay Bales.

We feed our lush hay to the Arabian horses, Mammoth donkeys and Arabian mules. Their coats are shiny and their eyes are bright. We are convinced that a diet of less grain is optimal. Three seasons of grass pastures and mangers full of winter hay makes them more trainable and definitely more healthy. They also enjoy large pastures, daily attention, vitamins and supplements to keep them happy and healthy. 


Gallery of Our Farm

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About Us and Our Arabian Mules & Mammoth Donkeys

For over 25 years we bred, trained and showed straight Egyptian Arabian horses. We learned about Mammoth donkeys and the decision was made to create Arabian mules that would excel in everything!  We are semi-retired and happily living in Booneville, Arkansas on a hilltop farm in the heart of the beautiful Ouachita Mountain region of Southwest Arkansas – an easy 45 minute drive east of Fort Smith. 

The successful breeding program of Leroy Van Dyke became our blueprint. “Whatever is in the pedigree will come out – nothing else can.” At White Horse Farm, we arent just breeding mules and donkeys – we are breeding fine performance Arabian mules and Mammoth Donkeys with beautiful structure, breathtaking movement, a willingness to learn and the kindest of hearts.

Are we experts? By no means… we learn every single day from folks willing to share their knowledge and experiences. We have been warmly welcomed into the Arabian mule and Mammoth donkey community. It was a big decision and we have no regrets. 

Learn about the Arabian Mules we have for sale. Feel free to Email us to ask us questions.